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Table 5 Activities studied for fall and frailty assessment

From: Assessment of frailty: a survey of quantitative and clinical methods

S.No List of Activities Purpose Sensor Methods Monitoring Duration
1 Elbow flexion and extension [31] Frailty assessment Inertial Sensor Statistical Analysis Short term (20 s test)
2 Walking [11, 38] Fall Detection [38], Frailty Model [11] Camera [38], smart phone [11] Semi-Supervised, Computer Vision [38] Short Term
3 Standing [38] Fall Detection Camera Computer Vision Short Term
4 Lying [38] Fall Detection Camera Computer Vision Short Term
5 Stair Ascent [27] Differentiate Stair Climbing Pattern for Frail and Athlete IMU worn as pendent Wavelet decision tree 30 mins
6 Chair Rise Transfer [30] Correlating Chair Rise Power with frailty (GFI) and Clinical Tests (TUG) Pendent sensor Support vector machine and Statistical Analysis One Week Under Semi Controlled Environment
7 Handwashing [80] Prediction of Cognitive Status Camera Machine learning Video Recorded for Trials in Controlled Environment