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Table 1 Table of preclinical genetically engineering murine models

From: Developing preclinical models of neuroblastoma: driving therapeutic testing

Mouse ModelAdvantagesLimitationsReferences
TH-MYCNRepresentative of high-risk NB, high rate of tumor incidenceLong time for tumor development, few metastasis, limited background strain[34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43]
LSL-MYCN;Dbh-iCreBetter defined transgene insertion then TH-MYCN, high rate of incidence in multiple background strainsFew metastasis, Limited work with preclinical therapeutic testing[44]
TH-MYCN/CASP8(KO)Metastasis, high rate of tumor incidenceAltered ECM structure of primary tumor[45]
TH-MYCN/Trp53(KI)Inducible p53 lossp53 mutation more frequently present in recurrences, survival in mice greatly reduced[46]
ALK (F1174)Consistent with NB phenotypeOnly present in 10% of NB[47, 48]
TH-MYCN/ALK(F1174)High tumor incidence, faster tumor growthRelevance is limited to < 10% patients[48]
SV40 TagConsistent with NB phenotype, high tumor incidence rate, metastasisAll mice die by 28 weeks of age[49,50,51]