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Table 1 Mean (SD) joint moments measured by the strain gauges and estimated by the AMTI force platform

From: Patterns of lower limb muscular activity and joint moments during directional efforts using a static dynamometer

Joint momentStrain gaugesAMTI∆ (%)RMSE (N·m)r (p < 0.001)
Ankle dorsiflexion7.77 (3.92)7.02 (4.23)−9.60.800.9999
Knee flexion12.02 (6.49)11.42 (6.28)−5.00.640.9999
Hip flexion6.76 (3.71)6.89 (3.75)
  1. The mean difference (∆) expressed as a %, root mean square error (RMSE) expressed in N·m and Pearson correlation coefficient (r) were calculated between both sets of measurements