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Table 7 Studies on DTI in transtibial prosthetic users using acoustic emission and sensory tests

From: Exploring the role of transtibial prosthetic use in deep tissue injury development: a scoping review

Author and yearType of studyParameter of interestMethodologyInputOutcome measures
Buis et al. 2018 [35]Ex vivo animal studyAcoustic signalling- Tensile test setup
- Immersion of bovine and galline specimen in saline solution
- Recording of acoustic signals during tensile test of specimen with hydrophone
Tensile load and displacement (Instron)Acoustic emission: amplitude and frequency
(No correlation found btw. Acoustic emission and deformation)
Kosasih et al. 1998 [28]Experimental StudySensory analysis- Qualitative sensory assessment of the residuum in 16 TTAa s
- Test sides: pressure tolerant and pressure sensitive areas of residuum
- Contralateral limb as control
Physical administration of cotton swab wisp, firm pressure, tuning fork vibration, safety pin prick by physicianQualitative feedback about sensory response either at detection of stimulus or with description (i.e. sharp or dull pain)
  1. a Transtibial amputee