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Table 8 Potential technologies for advanced FE modelling input

From: Exploring the role of transtibial prosthetic use in deep tissue injury development: a scoping review

Soft Tissue PropertyTechnologyReference
AnisotropyDiffusion Tensor MRI (DT MRI)Ramsay et al. 2018 [94]
InhomogeneityDifferent soft tissue layersMRI,
Bader and Worsley 2018 [95]
Scar tissueElastographyStrijkers et al. 2019 [96]
Fatty infiltrationDixon MRI method,
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy,
T2 relaxation time mapping
Strijkers et al. 2019 [96]
Elasticity and stiffnessElastographyNelissen et al. 2017 [97]
Sigrist et al. 2017 [98]